Virtual VPS servers

Virtual server will provide you with variability in settings with the possibility to adjust its parameters at any time according to your current requirements. More information about its operation can be found here.

Memory RAM (MB)
Disk space (GB)
Processor performance (Number of cores @ 2000MHz) 1 core
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Dedicated and managed servers

Don't you want to share? Take advantage of our dedicated server offer, where the performance of the entire server is always reserved for one customer, and run your applications to the fullest!

Dedicated server with us you get from 130 USD/month
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If you do not know how to manage, we have Managed server offer for you. You can order a support package for each of our dedicated servers and we will prepare a complete environment for you according to your requirements.

Managed server with us you can buy from 200 USD/month
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Domain registration

Enter domain name without extension:   

Select the domains you want to order. Domain prices starting at 7 €/year
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SSL certificates

SSL certificates are used primarily to secure communication between the client and the server using https protocol. This is used, for example, in e-shops where you pay by credit card or other payment system. If you have a website that requires or will require this secure communication, we can offer you a verified, but also unverified certificate from our offer.

We offer unverified SSL certificates to our customers FREE

We offer verified SSL certificates from 10 USD/year
without VAT